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Ask "OSHA"

No, it isn't that OSHA.....This is Osha


Osha was the official warehouse greeter for eight years here at Bennett Bowen & Lighthouse. She announced the arrival of every visitor to our facility with a bark and a wag of her tail. She is gone now, but her spirit lives on our web site. 

What is Ask "Osha"?  askosha.png

As you search the site, you will find Ask "Osha" buttons like the one above. These buttons will provide you with additional information on the product you are researching such as sizing charts, regulatory issues, product recommendations, or fun facts.

Osha's Library

3M Qualitative Fit Test Video

Capital Safety Harness Size Guide

Ecosmart - Free Return Freight

Electrical Gloves Re-test Service

Emergency Shower & Eyewash Equipment Selection Guide

OSHA Heat Stress Quick Card

Steps Every Employer Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Pandemic Influenza in Their Workplace



Last updated 4/230/20